C2 Performance Training System



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This kit is for individuals and families that want to follow a basic full body workout and also have access to speed/agility/power training drills.  This kit also gives you access to foot speed, plyometrics, agility, and power drills. Shin cuffs are for sprinting, back pedaling, and shuffling. 

  • This is a good option for athletes 8 years old and up and athletes and adults looking for strength and speed training..
  • Gray bands are 30lbs resistance, Red bands are 40lbs resistance, and black bands are 50lbs of resistance.
  • Combine any 2 or 3 bands together to increase load. 
  • Videos included in this kit will explain each cuff and how to attach them. General video of muscle activation drills, upper and lower body strength, cardio drills, core strength, and stretching.
  • Also included are videos on foot speed, plyometrics, agility, linear and multidirectional speed and power, and explosive jump training.

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