Behind C2

Curt graduated from UW Eau Claire with a Kinesiology degree.  He started working for Acceleration Minnesota and that’s where this journey began.  Acceleration used resistance bands for overload sprinting and throwing movements but he thought the bands were too strong and difficult.  "I always liked using bands for teaching.  If someone feels what you’re telling them, they can repeat it," stated Curt. In 2006, Curt started a golf training company Called AGT (Active Golf Training) along with his personal teaching professional at the time. Together this built a solid foundation of clients. Many years later, Curt continued getting prototypes made for muscle activation drills for his athletes.  Ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, shin cuffs, and waist belts, all became a part of what C2 is and continues to be. Applying load to any movement, in any direction, is what this product can do.  The C2 system is being integrated into the Acceleration speed program and sold to anyone that wants something different. After 25 years of training athletes, has aloud us to pave the way for this training system. TRAIN DIFFERENT with C2. 

Thank you!

We value our customers as it would not be possible to achieve the success of C2 without all of you! We would love your feedback and thank you again for your support!