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C2 Performance Training System



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This kit is ideal for any golfer 8 years and older. You receive each band and attachment for the ankle, shin, waist, wrist, and hand.  Curt Carbaugh, the designer of the C2 system is a scratch player and designed this program during his 25 years of training athletes and golfers through his business Acceleration.  How would you like to play golf with little to no back, hip, or shoulder pain?  

  • Videos on full body warm up, strength, endurance, and flexibility included.
  • Applicaiton on how to use the hip harness while swinging the club. 
  • Wrist and ankle cuffs promote muscle activation.
  • Speed belts allow golfers to walk, jog, or sprint forward, backward, and sideways.
  • The Hitting harness attaches to your hips and allow golfers to swing the club and work on balance.  The belt can aid in assisting hip rotation and resisting hip rotation.
  • The hitting harness is also a great tool for instruction by a PGA professional. 


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