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C2 Performance Training System



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The DANCE and GYMNASTICS kit is for direct muscle activation, flexibility, core strength and durability.  Curt engineered these bands by working with thousands of athletes including Olympic gold medalist, Suni Lee! 

The light bands can be used by athletes ages 8 and up.   It comes with a carry bag, 2 ankle cuffs, 2 handles, 2 wrist cuffs, a door stop, a velcro strap, 6 5-foot bands (gray, red, and black) speed belt, slide discs and an instructional video.  Parents and siblings can also use this kit for fitness exercises. 

  • Olympic gold medalist, Suni Lee trained with me for 10 years.  She used the C2 bands back in their development stages.
  • This kit is a great option for dancers/gymnasts 8 years old and up.  Youth should use gray bands for arms, red for legs.  Gray bands are light, red is medium, black is advanced. 
  • Combine any combination of colored bands to increase load.
  • Add 2 5 footers together to make a 10-foot band.  Put a gray and red together or a red and black together.  
  • Video included in this kit will explain each cuff and how to attach them.
  • Videos of ankle attachment application, wrist cuff application, core activation, and dance specific training workouts all included. 
  • Use these bands prior to training, performing, and competing.  
  • No speed, agility, or sport specific application included.

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