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C2 Performance Training System

ALL INCLUSIVE KIT (For any age and any sport)

ALL INCLUSIVE KIT (For any age and any sport)

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Sport specific drills and programming for golf, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, pitching, quarterbacks, dance, and swimming.

This all-inclusive kit includes something for everyone in the family.  Adults, kids, and any athlete can use this kit to increase their fitness, speed, and sport specific applications. The hitting harness secures around your hips and resists or assists you in any rotational movement. Videos for every sport are included in this kit. Also included is a ground spike for using in your yard, park, or field.

  • This is kit has everything you need for ages 8 yrs and up.
  • Videos included in this kit will explain each cuff and how to attach them.
  • General video of muscle activation drills, upper and lower fitness, cardio drills, core strength, and stretching.
  • Videos on foot speed, plyometrics, agility, linear and multidirectional speed and power, and explosive jump training.
  • Videos on how to use the hip harness for shooting hockey pucks, hitting golf balls, baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, throwing baseballs, softballs, and footballs.
  • Videos on how to use the ankle cuffs for dribbling and passing soccer balls.
  • Videos on how to use the wrist cuffs for swim specific dry land, goalie training, volleyball setting and spiking.
  • Videos on how to use the speed belt and dribbling and passing soccer balls.


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