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C2 Performance Training System



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This kit is for the hockey player that only wants on ice resistance while skating and shooting and stick handling application.  

Available to ages 8 and up.  Use the SPEED BELT on the ice.  Hook it to anything and allow the player to skate out in space.  1 10 foot band allows for 15 yards of resistance.  Add 2 10 footers together and skate up to 30-40 yards with light load.  

Use the 10 foot gray for backward skating and transition.  Use the red and black bands for more power skating.  

Use the HITTING HARNESS and WRIST CUFF for shooting pucks in the garage or on the ice.  Attach the wrist cuff to the bottom hand when shooting.  Attach a band to the FRONT hip.  You can ASSIST the hips or RESIST the hips. 

2 videos on how to use this product included.  If you want dry land speed, strength, agility, adult fitness and more upgrade to the ALL INCLUSIVE KIT.


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